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Completed Research

The following studies were conducted for various entities by the managing partners of Damooei Global Research either as leading or contributing authors.

Recent Public Reports

Country Case Studies

  • The Islamic Republic of Iran: A Story of Oil Dependence, 2008.

  • Common Causes of Child Poverty across Different States in the U.S, 2007.

  • The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment and Imports on Economic Growth: A Comparative Analysis of Thailand and the Philippines from1970 to1998, 2006.

  • Analyzing Somalia's Past and Present Economic Constraints and Opportunities for Creating a Conducive Future Economic Environment, 1997.

  • A Framework for Capacity Building in Rehabilitation Planning of Somalia, 1993.

  • Programming the Medium-Term Plan (MTP) for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Somalia, 1993.

  • Moving Towards Creation of a Conducive Economic Environment for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation in Somalia, 1993.

  • Privatization: The Concept and the Promise for the Third World Countries, 1993.

  • Root Causes of the Existing Macroeconomic Problems in Iran, 1992.

  • Development Co-operation Report for Somalia: A Special Report for 1989-1991 UNDP Somalia in Nairobi, 1991.

  • An Outline for the UNDP Fifth Country Program in Somalia: A Medium Run Program, 1991.

  • Relief Operation, Rehabilitation Program, Where are the Dividing Lines: Somalia as a Special Case, 1991.

  • Sale of Food Versus Its Donation: Does This Suggestion Have Any Economic Merit For a Needy Country? 1991.

  • Paying Cash in Place of Providing Food to Refugees: Does This Approach Meet the Underlying Objectives, 1991.

  • Social Dimensions of Adjustment: Its Concept and Implication in African Countries: With Particular Emphasis on the Case of Somalia. Mogadishu, 1990.

  • Revisiting the Cash Shortage: A Brief Study of Somalia's Monetary Condition and Its Changes with Emphasis on the Role of Circular Checks, 1990.

  • Counterpart Funds in Somalia, 1989.

  • Strengthening Donors' Coordination in Somalia, 1989.

  • Development Co-operation Report for Somalia in 1988, 1989.

  • Economic Assessment of the South Bank, 1985.

  • Empirical Study of a Balanced Budget in the Presence of Shortfalls in the Export Earnings, 1985.

  • The Theoretical and the Methodological Study of the Design of a Balanced Budget, 1984.

  • Studying the Economic Factors of Tax Determination in an Economy, 1984.

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Increasing the Price of Agricultural Machinery in Iran, 1984.

  • Economic Study of the Impact of Reducing Government Expenditure, 1984.

  • Studies in the Causes of Inflation in Iran, 1984.

  • Economic Study of Co-operatives in Iran, 1982.

Evaluation and Needs Assessments

  • Evaluation Report: Support and Funding Opportunities of the California Endowment for Violence Prevention in the City of Oxnard, 2008.

  • Project Evaluation Report: Preventing Violence in the City of Oxnard through the work of Oxnard Community Action Partnership (CAP), The Partnership, and Oxnard Family Power Project, 2008.

  • Cultural and Linguistic Needs Assessment (GNA) for Blue Shield of California, 2007.

  • Evaluation Report of Online Staff and Volunteer Training Program Evaluation Delivered By Communiteach: A Comprehensive Training Program for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme Staff and Volunteers, 2007.

  • Follow-up Surveys of Physicians and Clinics Participating in Child Obesity Workshops and Their Opinion Concerning the Usefulness/Efficacy of Information Received From Blue Cross of California on Child Obesity in 2006, 2007, 2008.

  • Evaluation of the after-school programs with support from California After School Education and Safety (ASES) program for Rio and Port Hueneme School Districts in Southern California, 2008 through 2009.

  • Evaluation of the after-school programs with support from California's 21st Century Community Learning Centers for Rio School Districts in Southern California, 2005 through 2007.

  • Annual Evaluation of Pacific Camps After-school Programs in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008.

  • Regional study for the Community Needs Assessment Collaborative Group of Ventura County: A Health Care Survey of Ventura County, 2006.

  • Upward Bound Programs in Stimulating Technology Education and Career Aspirations among Underrepresented Minorities, 2004.

  • Health Insurance Enrollment and Retention Survey/Study, 2004.

  • Community Needs Assessment Collaborative Group (CNACG) of Ventura County: A Health Care Survey of Ventura County, 2003.

  • Human Services Community Profile: A consortium of Public and Private Services Agencies in Ventura County in Southern California, 2002.

  • Barriers of Cancer Screening for Hispanic Women, prepared for Ventura County Medical Resources Foundation, 2002.

  • Community Needs Assessment: A Health Care Survey of Ventura County, 2000.

  • Analysis of Social Indicators in Ventura County, 1994.

Economic and Social Impact Studies

  • A Price Escalation Study: Estimating Price Changes of Intermediate Commodities to be used in Malabar International Proposed Production Scheme (2005-2010), August 2004.

  • The State of the Workforce Report for North Bay Counties (Marin, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma), 2003.

  • The State of the Workforce for Santa Barbara County, 2003.

  • The State of Workforce for Ventura County, 2002.

  • White papers on topical issues in public health prepared for Ventura County Public Health Department, 2002.

  • The Impact of Expansion of Big Box Stores on Ventura County: Analysis of Current Socioeconomic Status of Unionized Employees of Grocery Stores, 2000.